What Types of Dental Emergencies Can Dentists Treat?

There are a number of dental emergencies that can arise at any time. It’s important to have them treated by a dentist as soon as possible, to prevent a worsening of the problem. This article describes a couple of emergencies that a dentist can treat.

You may go to sleep one evening, and wake up at 3 AM with a horrible toothache. Toothaches often strike when they’re least expected. Though you may need to remedy the situation yourself until morning, it’s important to find out what the cause is and have it taken care of.

Toothaches can come from cavities, small holes in the tooth, from not properly brushing and caring for your teeth. A dentist may treat this, by installing a filling in the tooth to keep irritants out. It may also be necessary to have a root canal, or to have the tooth extracted, and replaced with a bridge or implant.

You may have an accident or bite down on something hard, and have part of a tooth break off. It’s important to have a broken tooth looked at as soon as possible. Broken teeth can get infected or abscessed, causing serious health issues to occur if left untreated.

Broken or chipped teeth can sometimes be repaired by your dentist, depending on the health of your tooth. It may also be necessary to have the tooth extracted. Should you have pain or swelling around the affected area, it’s important to seek emergency treatment right away, and not wait for your dentist.

Toothaches and broken teeth can cause a lot of problems if they’re left untreated. Pain infection, and other mouth problems can arise by not getting the proper attention. If you’re experiencing any of the problems described in this article, call your Baltimore dentist, you’ll be glad you did.