What To Do To Save A Tooth That Was Knocked Out

Tooth knocked out from traumaA tooth can be knocked out when something strikes your face by accident. It can happen when you are playing sports, when you slip and fall, or when someone accidentally hits your mouth area at home or at work. Accidents can happen at any time. When your tooth is knocked out, it is important that you see us immediately so that we can save your tooth and replant it back into place.

Here is what you should do to preserve your tooth while you are en route to an emergency dentist in Baltimore

When your tooth is knocked out, find it right away to prevent it from getting damaged further. When you find it, pick it up carefully by its crown. It is important not to disturb the root or gum tissues that are still attached to the tooth because the tissues have cells that will be crucial to the successful replant of your tooth.

Very gently rinse your tooth with water to clean off the dirt. If there is milk available, rinse it in milk. If not, use only water, without any soap or other cleansers. Avoid scrubbing the tooth. You want to leave as much of the tissue on the root as possible. Do not dry your tooth with anything because it should stay wet.

Carefully try to put the tooth back into its socket by slowly inserting your tooth into it. Make sure that your tooth is facing the right way. Do not push too hard. Hold the tooth in place by gently biting down on it or by using your fingers. If your tooth cannot be reinserted, or if it cannot stay in position, put your tooth in a cup that contains a bit of milk or some of your saliva. This will keep the cells on your tooth alive long enough as you are making your way to our clinic. Do not just put your tooth in tap water because the cells on the roots will have less chance of survival in just plain water.

If available, put a cold compress against the outside of your face to control the swelling and to reduce the pain.

Try to get to a dental clinic within a half hour. The sooner you can, the better chance you will have in saving your tooth. An experienced Baltimore dentist will do everything possible to replant your tooth back into its rightful place.