What Should You Do If a Dental Emergency Strikes?

A dental emergency can be both terrifying and painful. You may feel helpless, especially if your emergency occurs on a weekend. It’s important that everyone knows what they should so if an emergency like this does occur. When you’re in pain, you may not be able to think clearly.

If possible, the first thing you should do is call your dentist. Explain the severity of the situation to them. If they aren’t able to see you immediately, ask for a referral. Make sure they know that you’re in pain, and you need to be seen right away.

If you can’t see a dentist, you have a few other options. You can go see your regular doctor, who will be able to provide you with needed medications while you wait. You can also go to urgent care or the emergency room and get the same things.

It’s crucial that you don’t put off getting some kind of medical care. Leaving a dental problem untreated is incredibly dangerous, and can even be fatal. A damaged tooth can easily become infected, and that infection can spread to the rest of your body very quickly.

If you can’t afford the cost of dental care, don’t let that stop you. Instead, ask about options for low cost treatment or payment plans. In a worse case scenario, you could go to the ER and pay your bill later on. There are always options that will be available to you.

Do you know what to do if a dental emergency strikes? Now that you’ve read this article, the answer is yes. It’s important to take care of your teeth, but it’s equally important to be prepared for worst case scenarios. It’s always good to have solutions to bad situations in advance.