Tips When Calling An Emergency Dentist Are Important

There are many tips for you to keep in mind when you’re calling an emergency dentist; it’s important for you to understand what teeth conditions you might have, so you know whether or not you need to see an emergency dentist in Baltimore or be taken to the emergency room at the hospital.

Instances where you’ve cracked your tooth is something that a doctor is likely to be the one to fix. However, if you’ve cracked your tooth or teeth, and there is substantial bleeding and pain, you should immediately be taken to the hospital emergency room. Occasions where you might end up chipping your tooth could be from chewing on ice, cracking down on hard candy pieces, or chewing on hard objects that aren’t supposed to be chewed on.

In the moment you do end up cracking or even breaking your tooth, you should call your dentist immediately to schedule to be seen as soon as possible. Again, if the pain is unbearable, there is substantial bleeding, or the tooth is badly broken, you should go to the emergency room to avoid infection. Furthermore, if you’ve bitten down on your lip or your tongue, and the bleeding is bad, you should go to the emergency room as soon as possible to avoid blood loss.

The best remedy is to first clean the tongue or lip with a clean, damp cloth. Afterwards, you can place a bag of cold ice wrapped in a cloth on the area to keep the swelling down. There might even be times when you’re playing recreational sports, or performing other activities that somehow manages to knock out one of your healthy teeth. If this ever is to occur, you need to hurry and grab the tooth, clean off any dirt, and place the tooth in a cup of milk to contain it, while you call the dentist and make it to the office within the same day to be seen.

Lastly, if your jaw might be broken, you’ll have to apply a cold ice packet to the location and have someone on the scene call 911 as quickly as possible. You will likely need to go to the emergency room for immediate care and treatment. Afterwards, you’ll be advised to be seen by your dentist to assess any damage.