How To Know When You Need a Tooth Extracted

Emergency tooth extractionsWhile many people feel embarrassed or ashamed when they get the news that they need to get a tooth pulled, they really shouldn’t.

We understand in the dental world that there are many different situations that can require an otherwise healthy tooth to need removal. It’s important for you to understand there were not judging you, and our goal is to simply give you the finest smile possible and make sure your oral health is as positive as we can make it.

There are several situations that might call for getting a tooth pulled. First of all, wisdom teeth will almost always be pulled. These teeth often cause a wide number of problems with the other teeth in your mouth even if the wisdom teeth themselves are healthy. There is a high chance of wisdom teeth becoming impacted, which is a major reason why we always recommend getting them removed early before they can do damage.

Having an impacted tooth is another reason to get a hold. An impacted tooth is any time a tooth stops growing normally and has any type of an odd growth or angle but to cause future problems for the surrounding teeth. This can also lead to severe pain and this combination of things is why we recommend getting impacted teeth removed.

Another thing to look for is an infected or abscessed tooth. These infections can be extremely serious, especially if they spread to the mouth and into the bloodstream. All sometimes this can be fixed with a root canal on a thorough cleaning, there are other times when the full removal of the tooth is the only course of action that will make you fully healthy again.

Finally, there are certain cases or tooth will need to be removed to make room for the rest are growing properly, especially prior to having braces installed.

If you believe you may need to have your tooth extracted give our Baltimore emergency dental clinic a call today.