Tooth Extractions: Why Some Teeth Are Easier To Pull Than Others

If you are preparing to have your first tooth extracted you have probably spoken with friends about their experiences. If these accounts do not match up to what your dentist has told you, there is no reason to worry. The reason is that not all teeth are equal. There are several different factors that can contribute to the difficulty of pulling teeth. This brief article was written to help you understand some common differences.

Position Of The Tooth

The position of the tooth is a huge determining factor. This factor goes beyond which tooth is being pulled. It also includes things such as how the tooth is aligned and positioned on the jawbone. Upright and leaning forward positions are usually a lot easier to remove than teeth that are tilted backward or sideways.

If you are dealing with wisdom teeth there are several other factors to consider. If the tooth has partially or completely penetrated the gum it will be easier than if it is still buried. It is obviously easier to extract a tooth that is impacted in soft tissue than one that is impacted into the jawbone.

Depth Of The Tooth

Tooth depth is another important determining factor. Other than the root depth, there is also the fact that tooth depth determines how and where the dentist can grasp the tooth with his instrument. A tooth that is higher has more mass exposed and is easier to extract.

Shape Of The Roots

There are several situations related to the tooth’s roots that can differentiate the difficulty of extraction. This is especially the case with wisdom teeth. A typical root is separate from the other roots, however, many times roots can be entangled or fused with others. Entangled roots usually complicate extraction, whereas fused roots usually simplify it.

Another situation that complicates extraction is that at times roots may have an irregular shape. This can either make extraction more difficult, or simplify it. Extremely long roots usually make extraction more difficult.


In this article we have briefly mentioned some of the most common factors that differentiate the difficulty level of tooth extraction. These factors are taken into consideration when deciding the process of extraction, when your appointment is scheduled, and whether sedation is used or not.

As nerve wrecking as having a tooth pulled may seem, there is no need to worry. The important thing is that you have an experienced and capable dentist examine your situation. They will be able to make the right decisions and contribute to an better overall experience.