How Long Should I Wait Before Seeing The Emergency Dentist?

If it’s a true emergency, you shouldn’t wait at all. You should go right away to the emergency dentist and be in their waiting room. If the situation escalates they can get to you right away. I know they might not be able to see you right away, but it’s a lot better to be in their company just in case something goes wrong.

Perhaps you have a tooth that’s dangling but hasn’t been knocked all the way out? What if that tooth were to fall out? If you were in a dentist office they’d know exactly how to handle the wound and the situation.

You might also need antibiotics which is something a dentist can supply you with if there is an open wound because of your mouth injury. If you need emergency repairs that are going to prevent an infection, you need to see the dentist right away.

If it doesn’t require immediate attention, you need to look elsewhere for the treatment. Your regular dentist office will be able to handle just about anything you through at him. He might not be open on Sundays, and will probably close shop around five. That’s why we have emergency dentist, but the truth is, most cases can wait for the regular guy.

A Baltimore emergency dentist might not be able to work with your insurance or medicare. That’s just another reason to only go to an emergency dentist when you actually need too. Some do take dental insurance, but if I were you, I’d expect to pay quite a bit for emergency care.

I hope you find a solution for your dental problem. If it’s an emergency, like a real emergency, then you do need medical attention right away. I know you’ll love getting help from the professionals that stand by waiting to care for your teeth any time of the day.