Weekend Tooth Extractions – Finding a Dentist Near You

oral surgeryThe best way to avoid emergency dental appointments is to practice good dental hygiene and always remember to schedule and keep those routine checkups and teeth cleanings at least twice a year.

Some elderly patients or those with certain chronic health conditions may even get advised to see the dentist more than twice a year. However, there are situations that require emergency treatment, and in some cases, this even involves emergency tooth extractions.

Emergency Dental Extractions After Hours in Baltimore MD

Of course, we offer emergency dental service to our dental patients. In case of pain or swelling at night or on the weekends, quick treatment may be key to preventing even worse health problems. Infections in the mouth can spread to other parts of the body. In time, they can even cause heart problems.

Besides, nobody wants to try to get through a day with dental pain so severe that it makes it hard to eat or even drink. This is not a comfortable or healthy way to be.

In case of dental emergencies:

* Take over-the-counter pain relief.
* Contact the emergency dental phone number. There may be instructions to treat the pain at home or come to the office right away to meet the dentists. Please follow these instructions.
* Get quick relief and an emergency solution to pain.

Followup Care For Dental Emergencies

In some cases, we might take emergency measures that might need to get followed up with a regular dental appointment later. This could be in our office, but we may refer you to a specialist if we diagnose a severe problem. Either way, you will know that you have been treated to keep the problem from getting worse and manage pain.

Billing For Emergency Extractions And Other Dental Treatment

If you have dental insurance, it should cover emergency dental extractions. If not, we will work out billing arrangements. Here at our dental office, our patients come first, and this is even more true in the case of a dental emergency.

Don’t ignore severe pain, a broken tooth, or other major signs of a dental emergency. If you have a fever or severe swelling, the emergency dental line may even give you instructions to head straight for a hospital emergency room.

However, in the vast majority of cases, our office can administer the medically correct treatment. The decision might hinge upon the overall nature of the problem and the overall health of the person who needs to seek emergency treatment.

Finding an Emergency Dentist in the Baltimore Area

Dental emergencies may happen every now and then. A typical dental clinic in the Baltimore MD area operates on weekdays, usually from 8 to 5. What if you experience oral emergencies, such as extreme, unbearable toothache in the middle of the night, or worse, during the weekend? How are you supposed to deal with it, and how can you get immediate care?

Little do people know that they can find 24-hour dental care services that can help them! Lately, the number of individuals requiring immediate dental assistance had increased. Because of this huge demand, you’ll find different dental clinics that can cater your needs and help you out regardless of the day or time you’ll require their help.

Oral emergencies may happen any time of the day, and it is always best that you’re prepared. As early as now, it is important that you start locating 24-hour dental clinics and professionals that can help you out with your dental problems, just in case you or another member of the family would experience a dental emergency.

Characteristics You Should Look for From an Emergency Dental Clinic in Baltimore

While it is true that there are different dental care services operating 24 hours a day, it is necessary that you are aware on the various characteristics that you should look for before you consider dropping by for your emergency dental care needs.

The clinic and professional should have extensive experience in this field, not to mention should have all the qualifications that an emergency dentist should have. If you have the time, compare different emergency dental services within your area when it comes to the length they’ve been in the industry, customer service and costs altogether.

The location also plays an important role. The medical facility should be accessible, so you can visit their facility faster, regardless of the time of the day. It is also important that the dental care service you choose should have a 24-hour hotline that you can easily reach just in case dental problems and emergencies occur. Oral emergency situations are inevitable, but if you start doing your research today, you’ll learn that you can always trust someone to address your problems.

We offer 24-hours dental care services in Baltimore. We know how important it is to address your problems and rest assured we’ll help you get rid of the pain and treat you with utmost care, providing only the most impeccable dental service that you truly deserve.

How To Know When You Need a Tooth Extracted

Emergency tooth extractionsWhile many people feel embarrassed or ashamed when they get the news that they need to get a tooth pulled, they really shouldn’t.

We understand in the dental world that there are many different situations that can require an otherwise healthy tooth to need removal. It’s important for you to understand there were not judging you, and our goal is to simply give you the finest smile possible and make sure your oral health is as positive as we can make it.

There are several situations that might call for getting a tooth pulled. First of all, wisdom teeth will almost always be pulled. These teeth often cause a wide number of problems with the other teeth in your mouth even if the wisdom teeth themselves are healthy. There is a high chance of wisdom teeth becoming impacted, which is a major reason why we always recommend getting them removed early before they can do damage.

Having an impacted tooth is another reason to get a hold. An impacted tooth is any time a tooth stops growing normally and has any type of an odd growth or angle but to cause future problems for the surrounding teeth. This can also lead to severe pain and this combination of things is why we recommend getting impacted teeth removed.

Another thing to look for is an infected or abscessed tooth. These infections can be extremely serious, especially if they spread to the mouth and into the bloodstream. All sometimes this can be fixed with a root canal on a thorough cleaning, there are other times when the full removal of the tooth is the only course of action that will make you fully healthy again.

Finally, there are certain cases or tooth will need to be removed to make room for the rest are growing properly, especially prior to having braces installed.

If you believe you may need to have your tooth extracted give our Baltimore emergency dental clinic a call today.

Can Bleeding Gums Require a Call to an Emergency Dentist?

Got bleeding gums? Call an emergency dentist in BaltimoreThere are many things that can cause your gums to bleed. In general, bleeding gums are a sign that there is something wrong with your dental health. If your gums are itchy, change in color or start receding then this is a sign that you are at risk of gum disease and that you could lose your teeth. In the early stages, gum disease is not severe, but as the gums continue to weaken and recede they expose the root of the tooth and this is where more serious problems can start to occur.

If your gums bleed when you brush them, then this is not too much to worry about – make a point of brushing your teeth twice a day, and also flossing and using mouth rinse. Gently massage your gums with a soft tooth brush while you are brushing your teeth, and over time the health of your gums should return to normal.

If, however, your gums bleed when you eat apples or corn, or just bleed easily in general, then this is a clear sign of poor dental health and you should definitely seek immediate advice from your dentist. The health of your gums is an indication of the health of the rest of your body, and you should not ignore bleeding or soreness.

The Importance of Preventative Dental Care

Many people are scared of going to the dentists, but by putting off dental treatment until your teeth actually hurt or they are starting to wobble in your mouth, you are likely making things worse. It far better to visit early on to get advice about dental care, and to have minor protective work done, than it is to visit when the problem is serious enough to require an extraction or a root canal.

Gum Disease is Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

In some areas there is a stigma associated with gum disease, because it sounds like something that people get only if they do not take good care of their teeth. The truth is that diet, general health and even family history of the condition can affect an individual’s risk. There is no shame in having gum disease. It is better to discuss your concerns with your dentist and have the condition treated than it is to put it off until it is a serious problem.


Emergency Tooth Extraction in Baltimore

If you have a painful toothache you might need to have your tooth extracted. Now there’s a big difference between extracting an adult tooth and pulling a child’s baby tooth that is almost ready to come out.

As emergency dentists in the Baltimore MD area we see many people who need to have one of their teeth extracted due to infection in the root and gums, broken tooth from an accident or wear and tear, etc. We STRONGLY advice against anyone tying to pull their own tooth. This can lead to a lot of nasty and costly complications.

The best option is to call our Baltimore emergency dental office to get your tooth pulled the right way.

How to Stop a Toothache

We know how painful a toothache can be. That’s why we offer immediate dental care in Baltimore for all dental emergencies. And, if you’ve ever had a painful toothache you understand why it can be considered a true dental emergency. Aside from the intense pain, a toothache can also be the sign of a raging infection or abscess which ABSOLUTELY MUST be treated right away!

We also know that getting in to see a dentist might not be possible right away. Fortunately, their are some things you can do on your own to reduce the pain until you can see a dentist. Watch this video for some great tips on handling toothache pain…

We hope these tips can help you if you’re dealing with an emergency toothache in the Baltimore area. We also hope you’ll give our office a call right now (number above) so we can get you out of pain, fast.

Looking for a 24 Hour Dentist in Towson, MD

If you live in the Baltimore area there is a emergency dental office in Towson that can handle all of your emergency dental needs. So, whether you are having a severe toothache, just chipped or broke a tooth, need your dentures relined, have an infection in your gums, or just lost a filling…you can get the dental care you need – even if it’s on an emergency basis.

After Hours Dental Care in the Towson and Baltimore, MD Area

We understand that dental emergencies can happen at any time of day or night. In fact, most of the time they occur at the least convenient times. That’s why when you call after hours you can leave a message and we’ll call you back to schedule you for an immediate appointment.

When you call you need to provide the following information:

  • what is the nature of your dental emergency?
  • when did it start?
  • on a scale of 1-10, where is you pain?
  • are you bleeding?
  • are you on medication?
  • when was your last dental treatment?
  • do you have dental insurance?
  • do you have gum swelling?
  • if you broke a tooth, do you have the piece of tooth that broke off?

Emergency Tooth Extractions in the Towson, MD Dental Office

With regard to tooth extractions we want you to understand that no dentist can ever “promise” over the phone that he/she will extract your tooth without first conducting a thorough examination of your teeth and mouth to determine whether an extraction is necessary. The truth is that instead of pulling your tooth the best course of action might be to try to save your tooth. This can only be determined AFTER you’ve been examined by a dentist.

The emergency dental office in Towson is located at:

300 E Joppa Road Suite 400
Towson, MD 21286-3004

You can contact Towson Dental Care 24/7 for emergency dental care in the entire Baltimore area.

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